inovabra startups

inovabra startups is the program of open innovation of Bradesco, which seeks new business models applicable or adaptable for​ the products and services of the Organization.

Its business model will be validated in practice, under​ legal aspects, business risks, and strategies of launch and distribution.

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Finalists of the 4th Edition of inovabra Startups

Get an idea of the experience of inovabra startups, with the testimonies of those who understand startups best.

Support to make the company grow (by: Allgoo, Itera and BitOne)

2:39 Marco, Thiago and Luiz Cláudio had something in common: the challenge of putting their innovations on the market.

Visions of starting your own business (by: Smarttbot, Tá.na.hora and Ewally)

2:27 Three visions of starting your own business and the same conclusion: innovate to find solutions and positively impact the people’s lives. Paul, Juliana and André share their perceptions and talk about how inovabra startups has contributed to the growth of their companies.

The ups and downs of starting your own business (by: Percycle and EasyCrédito)

2:18 Marcos, of EasyCrédito, and Hélio, of Percycle, talk about the highs and lows of starting your own business and how they found in inovabra startups the growth and maturity to develop their startups..

Turning ideas into innovation (by: Cinnecta, Cupponeria and Nama)

3:01 Eduardo, Rodrigo and Nara participated in the inovabra startups in 2016 and talk about the time they started setting up their own business and how Bradesco's innovation program has contributed to the development of their projects.

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of the program works.

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Registrations can be made at any moment and for startups in any segment.
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Selective process

At all times Bradesco will carry out a screening of the solutions that meet a current need of the Organization. In up to a month, we'll give you a feedback.


Every month a group of startups will have an immersion day with managers of Bradesco and of the market.


One week after an immersion, startups will present their proposed solutions to executives of Bradesco.


After two weeks, the finalist startups will be selected.

Production and delivery

Period of up to six months for the production and evolution of the business model, with the help of specialist mentors from different areas of Bradesco.

Proof of concept

During this period, you need to adapt your solution in partnership with the business areas and integrate your solution into the systems of the bank.


Your business model will be validated in practice (by the criteria of legal aspects, business risks, strategies of launch and distribution).


Your solution will be evaluated by specialists of the bank (usability, scalability and security).


Time to prepare yourself to attract investment.


You can receive mentoring on various subjects.

Growth of the business

Your business can grow rapidly with Bradesco's clients and partners.

The numbers tell the story

An overview of previous editions

6 million

invested in total


Startups enrolled


is the average growth of the startups that pass through the program


closed contracts

30 million

views on social networks


thousand invested by startup


proofs of concept

Learn about the startups that
have taken off with inovabra startups


Digital platform that enables the construction of automated robots for investments.

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A startup that served telephone​ operators, but adapted its business model to the financial market.

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Axei Saúde

Digital Solution for quotation, comparison and contracting​ of health plans.

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A technology company that automates investments in shares by means of robots.

Have you ever thought of using robots to invest? We are not talking about traditional robots, but algorithms that define the best place to invest your money. SmarttBot is an online platform for investor robots that helps traders to operate in an automated way. The investor sets up its​ strategy in the bots, which send its​ orders directly to the main brokers in the country. The company was one of the finalists of the second edition of the inovabra Program and had its solutions tested by clients of Bradesco.

"The main lesson is that we need to learn to deal with the reality of a company as big as Bradesco to gain access to its opportunities. And the main challenge is to do this without losing the characteristics that differentiate a startup." – Mateus Lana, one of the founders of Smarttbot.

The project represented an opportunity to close a big deal and allowed access to areas and people that the startup does not have access to without inovabra. It benefited from real demands from client portfolios, it​ was able to launch a solution at scale, it increased​ its credibility, in addition to having the bank as a strategic partner.


A startup that served telephone operators, but adapted its business model to the financial market.

To understand the customer's daily journey and deliver relevant solutions according to the profile of each user. That is the purpose of Cinnecta, one of the finalists of the second edition of the inovabra Program, which had its solutions tested by Bradesco. The platform integrates insights from users, intelligent segmentation according to the profile of consumption and offers solutions to monitor and improve the customer experience in mobile applications. The business, which served telephone operators, found an opportunity to grow by adapting its product to the financial market.

"inovabra contemplates different areas of Bradesco that assist in the progress of the project. This facilitates interaction and makes the opportunity unique, which we would hardly have with other large clients." – Eduardo Ferreira, CEO of Cinnecta.

The Program was essential to open up a large market for the solution offered by the startup. It is developing a management project that shows the importance of the user experience in the relationship with the bank. With the help of Bradesco, the startup has had the opportunity to test its service at scale.

Axei Saúde

An online broker that helps the user to navigate through a​ sea of information in the world of health plans.

Deciding which health plan to contract is not easy. There is a lot of information to consider and it is difficult to be certain whether you are making the right choice. That is why Axei Saúde was established. The online broker assists the user in purchasing the best health plan according to their needs, in addition to assist​ in the search for doctors, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies offered by the plan in the desired location.

This incredible idea meant that it was one of the finalist startups of the third edition of the inovabra Program. In the selective process, Bradesco advised the entrepreneurs about how their solutions could be applied and waited for the startups to show their differentials and how their services could be integrated into the legacy of the bank.

"The main lesson, for me, is to never lose the scope of the project and always try to consolidate it, to involve all the necessary areas and close it as soon as possible."

The experience gave the startup a chance to grow considerably​. In addition to be​ working with a large client and understanding its needs for innovation, it had the opportunity to run a pilot of its project and validate the proposal with a portfolio of existing clients.

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